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about us

Drop the Edge is a radical entertainment company, who performs various shows with a team full of some of the best national athletes of Bike-Trial, Parkour, BMX, DirtJump, and Rollerblades.

Our passion for sports has driven us to share it by performing extreme technical shows to entertain every kind of public.

We take very seriously our clients’ needs and goals, therefore, we arrange flexible solutions to prepare and present our radically unique shows.

Perfect to animate your event, brand activation, team building and much more in a way totally different. 

"I'd risk the fall, just to know
how it feels to fly..."

Dave Mirra

what we do

Bike Trial

A show on two wheels, where athletes overpass various types of obstacles using different techniques without putting their foot down.

A show full of enthusiasm and technic on a bicycle.  


A show full of excitement where athletes jump from one obstacle to another and add some adrenaline with 360º rotations,  backflips and a lot of other flips combinations. 

Bike Trial + Parkour

Combination of two modalities with the same concept: to pass several obstacles. This show lead by a united and dynamic team with full interaction with the public.


Fly high with a bike, perform several rotations, drop the bike in the air and lots of more skilled techniques, all combined in a show with some of the best BMX, Dirt Jump, and Bike Trial athletes.  


Imagine Bike Trial, Parkour, BMX, Dirt Jump and Aggressive Inline all together in one show!

The first and only show that explores all these different modalities, a dream team of experts in extreme sports in Portugal.

who are we

Ricardo Simões

street trials athlete

National Champion 2015.

“The opportunities don’t appear, we make them.”



Vasco Carvalho

bike trials athlete

National Champion 2014


Daniel Arraia

parkour athlete

Parkour teacher

“I don’t like obstacles, so i jump over them!”


António costa e silva


Silver Surfer

“Life is to short to take it so serious.”




Saint Gobain – Habito Release PT
Radical Day – Espinho PT
Expo Sports and Health – Sernancelhe PT


Sports Gala – Mirandela PT
Festival Bike Portugal – Santarém PT
3 years old Village – Village Underground PT
15’ena da Juventude – Almada PT


Family Land 2016 PT
3 shows for Auchan group PT
MURO – I Street Art Festival Portugal


XXXVI Festival Gimnico PT

Where are we


(+351) 919 193 579


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